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What is SafeLandUSA?

In the days before SafeLandUSA existed, training and certification for the oil and gas industry was a complicated – and lengthy – process. U.S. oil and gas contractors were often faced with numerous industry standards and requirements, and as a result, found themselves having to attend multiple training courses, many of which covered the same topics and industry obligations.

So, in 2005, a group of volunteers came together with the goal of developing the most thorough and structured safety and training program that would not only meet the needs and requirements of all U.S. onshore energy producers, but do so in a timely and standardized manner. Thus, SafeLandUSA was born.

SafeLandUSA is the industry’s “gold standard”

At its core, SafeLandUSA’s main purpose is to reduce oil and gas injuries and eliminate fatalities via a thorough and consistent training program that provides basic awareness on jobsite hazards – and how to avoid them. Upon completion, employees should be armed with all the necessary information required before entering a company facility and performing assigned work duties.

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Through the collaboration of more than 180 owner-operators, thousands of contractor companies and many accrediting organizations, SafeLandUSA is known today as the industry’s “gold standard” when it comes to training and certification – and more than 1.5 million workers have been certified through its program.

And that figure is likely to keep going up. As the industry recovers from economic challenges relating to the global pandemic, the oil and gas industry is actively recruiting. According to reports, more than 65,000 workers entered the oil fields in 2021 followed by nearly 40,000 in 2022. That’s more than 100,000 workers who needed SafeLand safety training, and 100,000 workers who were equipped with the right knowledge necessary to go home safe each night.

SafeLandUSA Safety Training

If you’d like to learn more about SafeLand safety training, feel free to read: The Ultimate Guide to PEC Veriforce Training. For a full list of available online and in-person courses, visit Easybook Training today, where you can browse all available days and times based on your schedule and needs.