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What is Veriforce PEC Safety training?

With 1,700 openings projected to occur each year over the next decade, the employment need for petroleum engineers – one of the highest paying positions in oil and gas – is heating up, fast.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for petroleum engineers will grow 8 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations in the sector. But before you lace up your boots and start applying to job postings, it’s imperative you have the right training and certifications under your belt.  

The Importance of PEC 

The petroleum industry is arguably one of the world’s most dangerous, with some of the most common safety hazards within the industry including:  

  • Surface hazards that pose slips, trips and falls 
  • Lack of adequate lighting 
  • Lack of safe, clear access around a site and to machines 
  • Noise

In an effort to combat such unsafe working conditions and hazards, the Petroleum Education Council (PEC) began requiring a minimum amount of training for all employees working within the oil and gas sector. The training courses have been designed to give students a general idea of safety issues in the oil and gas industry, upstream, downstream, onshore and offshore.  

Not only is PEC Training is essential to ensuring all workers will have the right tools, knowledge and equipment to handle potentially dangerous situations, it also equips them with the ability to jobsite hazards and dangers by understanding what they are and how best to manage them.  

Upon completion of PEC Training, students will have gained a basic understanding of certain general safety information that an employee should know before entering a facility or performing the work at hand. 

Getting PEC Trained is easier than ever before 

In today’s ever-growing digital landscape, there’s no longer the need to tirelessly research a local provider and book a course to attend in-person. For anyone looking for a more flexible and easily accessible solution, they out to look no further than their laptop or mobile device. With a range of PEC Training courses now available for anyone to take virtually, students can achieve their PEC safety certification with Veriforce-approved trainers in just two days – all from the comfort of their home or office.  

Easybook Training currently offers virtual PEC training six days a week with its official partner, Veriforce. More than 25 of the leading oil and gas operators across the U.S. accept this training and certification, and  upon successful completion, students receive an I.D card and their information stored on Veriforce’s central database.

Courses currently available via Easybook Training include:  

With employment on the rise for Petroleum Engineers, whose average salary comes out to $167,780 (including the top 10 percent that make more than $208,000,) what are you waiting for? Head on over to Easybook Training now so you can join the workforce tomorrow – safer and faster than ever before.  

What is PEC Veriforce training?

Key Veriforce PEC Safety Training benefits and takeaways 

  • Gain an understanding of regulatory requirements  
  • Provide workers with the knowledge and tools needed to identify hazards and analyze risks 
  • Learn best practices for avoiding workplace accidents 
  • Increase workforce performance and company productivity through regulatory compliance 
  • Reduce costs associated with accidents and/or fatalities on the job with properly trained and certified employees
  • Increase motivation while ensuring the well-being of staff members