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MEWP training requirements 2020

Are you prepared for the changes that will impact the MEWP industry starting March 1? From machine design to safe use, the ANSI A92 suite of standards will go into effect that day. These new requirements will affect all manufacturers, dealers, owners and users of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

Aside from machine design modifications and safe-use requirements, MEWP training is going to be significantly updated. The new standard will extend beyond operators to include anyone who will come in contact with a MEWP, including:

  • Supervisors: People who directly supervise MEWP operators
  • Occupants: People in the MEWP platform who are not considered operators

According to the new standards, all MEWP training must be delivered by a qualified person who is experienced with the particular classification of MEWP on which training. This qualified training provider must be knowledgeable about the laws, regulations, safe use practices, manufacturer’s requirements, recognition and avoidance of hazards as they relate to MEWPs.

Further MEWP training requirements as of March 1:

  • Training delivered prior that is compliant with previous standards will require supplemental training to address the new requirements
  • Operator training is required for each MEWP classification
  • The user shall ensure that training is presented in a manner that trainees can understand
  • Personnel directly supervising MEWP operators shall receive supervisor training. This shall include proper MEWP selection, user and operator requirements, how to identify known hazards and the means to manage risk, and how to follow the requirements of the operator’s manual.
  • If delivering training internally, users must comply with administration of training defined in the training standard to include training content, trainer qualification, training environment, testing and documentation.

Why wait until March 1 to get not only yourself and staff up to date? Search and book your training on today.