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How to recruit talent during the labor shortage

Contractors, are you looking to hire? Has the labor shortage affected how your business operates and performs? Well, we have a little secret to share that might help you stand out from the “Now Hiring” crowd – invest in your employees.

“So, you mean give them higher hourly wages?”


“Quarterly bonuses?”


“More vacation days or work perks?”

No and no.

While all of those incentives would likely be appreciated by employees – who doesn’t want more money and a beach holiday? – our solution doesn’t involve inflating wages to compete with the rest of the market. Our solution is much more simple, and a topic we talk about all the time: training.

Contractors know training is important, but it sometimes gets put on the back burner due to associated costs and time involved. But training, especially for those working with heavy equipment, increases employee job satisfaction, lowers turnover and improves performance across the board.

Heavy equipment training courses give workers the skills needed to do their jobs safely and effectively while also offering the latest guidance on machine processes and operations. By receiving heavy equipment certification through an accredited heavy equipment course, employees will feel engaged, confident and proficient. This gives your company a competitive advantage.

Take a telehandler operator, for example. Telehandlers have evolved drastically over the last decade, with new machines coming to market more technologically advanced than ever before. By investing in heavy equipment certification, such as online telehandler training, you not only have a safer workforce, but you also can rest assured your equipment is being used at the optimal levels it was designed for, thus increasing productivity and quality of the end results.

From industrial forklift training and MEWP operator training to supported scaffold user training or mobile crane operator courses, Easybook Training can help you find the exact training you’re looking for at the exact time and exact location – whether online or in-person. Easybook Training takes the guess (and leg) work out of finding and booking health and safety courses.

So, what are you waiting for? Put a leg up on the competition and click over to Easybook Training – the investment will be well worth it.