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How forklift safety training reduces costs and improves efficiency

From stocking shelves to navigating a construction site, forklifts have long been lauded as industry workhorses. These versatile pick-and-place machines come in a variety of sizes and can handle loads ranging between 5,000 and 50,000 pounds – depending on the machine’s category. They also get around sites at a quick clip, with some models offering up to 18 mph drive speeds.

But like all heavy equipment, receiving proper forklift safety training is of utmost importance before anyone gets in the cab and starts to operate the machine. Take for instance the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) – i2018 there were nearly 8,000 forklift-related injuries, which was a 6% increase compared to 2017. These injuries include cuts, fractures, contusions, sprains, general pain and more. According to OSHA, 25% of forklift accidents are due to inadequate, or no, training.

These statistics and injuries could have been avoided with proper forklift training classes.

Forklift training courses are designed to provide workers with the knowledge, information and practical skills necessary to operate forklifts safely and professionally while also satisfying OSHA’s training requirements for Powered Industrial Truck operators.

Easybook Training offers both online forklift training and in-person forklift training courses and forklift safety training, affording students flexibility when it comes to finding and booking the right training course. Those who sign up for either online or in-person training can expect to learn:

  • Safe operation
  • Load handling
  • Refueling and recharging
  • Machine Inspection
  • Workplace hazard recognition and avoidance
  • OSHA regulations and applicable safety standards

For in-person forklift safety training, course assessment will include a combination of classroom lessons, discussions and interactive learning, as well as practical sessions using a forklift.

For online forklift training courses, OSHA’s forklift standard requires that trainees complete a practical evaluation in addition to formal instruction. Students successfully completing this online course are responsible for scheduling their practical evaluation to complete the training program.

But why spend the time or money on forklift training courses?

  1. Properly trained forklift operators will improve productivity, which saves costs.
  2. Forklift safety training fosters a safe work environment.
    • Employees will be in compliance with forklift-related legislation.
  3. Decreased maintenance costs and lower insurance premiums = more money saved.

Head over to Easybook Training and browse the forklift training courses available to book today.