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Lead Awareness Training Course


The Lead Awareness training course is designed for workers who may be exposed to lead in the workplace or work on jobsites with lead contamination, but do not perform abatement work.

OSHA requires workers meeting this definition to complete awareness training at their time of hire or job reassignment and annually thereafter.


Following the completion of this Lead awareness training course, students will possess the knowledge to recognize possible sources of lead and take the necessary protective measures to avoid exposure in the workplace.


The lead awareness safety training course will cover the following topics:

  • Recognition of lead in the workplace
  • Health effects of lead exposure
  • Methods to avoid potential exposure
  • Labels and warning signs
  • OSHA requirements for workers


A written test will be administered at the conclusion of this safety course. Successful students will be provided with a certificate of completion. Testing formats can vary and may include multiple choice questions, true/false or fill-in-the-blank responses.

Suggested Progression

Students with potential workplace exposure may also benefit from the Asbestos awareness course and Silica awareness training courses. .

Who Should Attend

Any worker who may be exposed to lead or materials containing lead in the workplace.

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