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Aerial Work Platform/MEWP Train the Trainer Course (Crane Institute)


The Aerial Work Platform/MEWP Train the Trainer Course is designed to teach participants how to safely and effectively provide MEWP operator training. 
This train the trainer class will provide instruction on suggested teaching methods while providing the information necessary to instruct trainees on the safe and effective use of MEWPs. 
Students will learn the latest training principles necessary to help their students successfully complete the class, develop their presentation skills and find out how to deliver the course in an interactive and informative way. 
Anyone wishing to take this course will benefit from previously completing the MEWP Operator training Course.

*  Please ensure you read the course outline for your chosen date & location before placing your booking. These can vary for each training center.  *

Course Objectives

At the end of this train the trainer training, successful students will be able to confidently demonstrate the necessary skills to deliver aerial work platform/MEWP training. 

Course Agenda

The Aerial Work Platform/MEWP Train the Trainer Course will cover the following topics:

  • Types of aerial lifts, components & terminology
  • Causes & results of aerial lift accidents
  • Role of the pre-use inspection in reducing aerial lift accidents
  • OSHA & ANSI pre-use inspection requirements
  • Aerial lift pre-use inspection procedures and techniques
  • Recognizing and understanding the differences between deficiencies & safety hazards
  • Correct way to write pre-use inspection reports to provide the proper documentation
  • Inspecting structural components, operating mechanisms, hydraulic and electrical systems, hydraulic cylinders, and safety devices
  • Items to be inspected before the aerial lift is used
  • Aerial lift setup and recognizing site hazards
  • Safe operating practices & procedures
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Working near power lines and electrical hazards


Students will be required to take part in classroom discussions and successfully complete a final written exam at the end of the course. 

Who Should Attend

In-house personnel or current/previous trainers who plan to deliver Aerial Work Platform/MEWP operator training classes to MEWP operator candidates.


Applicants should be in-house personnel who are current/previous qualified trainers.

*  Please read the course outline before placing your booking. These can vary for each training centre.  *

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