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Beyond the basics: heavy equipment training

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a mobile crane or at the joystick of a heavy-duty telehandler, one thing remains the same: operating heavy equipment is a serious job, and with it comes a serious need for proper training and certification.

Heavy equipment operator training ensures the ones within the cab are equipped with the right information and set of skills to not only do their jobs efficiently, but without error or accident. But heavy equipment training courses don’t just cover the newest rules and regulations, they also vastly increase an operator’s general understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Sascha Brenner, head of training at Liebherr, recently explained the importance of ‘why:’ “We found that some mobile crane operators knew how to operate a crane but they didn’t necessarily understand exactly what they were doing or why they were doing it.”

Heavy equipment training courses aim to do just that – give students all the necessary tools to feel confident in doing their jobs – and doing those jobs safely. Heavy equipment training focuses on educating students on how such machinery operates while providing in-depth safety tips to ensure all employees stay protected when operating or being nearby heavy equipment.

Easybook Training offers a number of heavy equipment training courses both online and in the classroom, such as:

  • Forklift Operator Training
  • MEWP Operator Training Course – 3a & 3b
  • Mobile Crane Operator Training
  • NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Prep Course
  • NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Written Exam
  • NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator Practical Exam
  • NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator Prep Course
  • NCCER Mobile Crane Operator Training
  • Overhead Crane Operator Training Course

Take a look – pop on over to Easybook Training’s website to find exactly what you’re looking for.